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Las Vegas Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in Addition to SEO

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Many Las Vegas business owners are just finding out about Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and how it can benefit their Las Vegas website and while it is a relatively new way of marketing, the principles have been around for a long time.

What is search engine marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Optimization is the biggest buzzword right now especially when you talk of promoting yourc company’s website. But did you know that Search Engine Marketing is another important spoke in the business marketing wheel? The first thing you should know is that Search Engine Marketing, SEM is quite different from Search Engine Optimization or SEO. With this being said, you will find a lot of business people treating SEM the same as SEO.

The first thing that differs between SEO and SEM is the perception of Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Optimization works on the key words and key phrases and content of your website’s pages and how the pages need to be designed keeping Search Engines in mind and how they will rank on a search. Search Engine Marketing on the other hand deals exclusively with how you promote your website with search engines. It could be said that a Search Engine Optimization effort could be a subset of a Search Engine Marketing campaign.

Search Engine Marketing Techniques

Basically, any technique by which the visibility of a website improves with search engines is covered under the umbrella of Search Engine Marketing. Thus, from an aggregate perspective, you could look at techniques like Blogging, Search Engine Submissions, Social Networking, Viral Marketing and other techniques. You could also look at methods like Contextual Advertising and Paid Inclusion being subsets of Search Engine Marketing.

Contextual Advertising

Not many are aware of the complete workings of contextual advertising. Here’s an example to illustrate the concept. Assume you have visited a website A, which is in the Sports niche. When you visit the website, you could see some ads popping up from the site that deals with sports accessories or memorabilia dealers. Basically, you see an ad which is relevant to the context and the content of that particular website. This is how contextual advertising works.

Now, how does the business owner benefit from these ads appearing on their website? Simple, the ad appearing on the webpage would have a revenue basis tied onto it depending on certain actions being performed by the users. For example, a webmaster could get paid if 100 users click on the ad, and so on.

Paid Inclusion and Pay-Per-Click Placement

There are some search engines on the internet that are very popular (google, aol, msn, yahoo), so popular that business owners and webmasters are inclined to invest some money to get into the directory of these resources just so that they have the opportunity to get ranked on the first page as a “sponsored listing” so they can get the traffic and recognition of coming up on the first page of a google search, let’s say. This is where Paid Inclusion or Pay-Per-Click placement comes into play.

A web master or web developer can set up a paid inclusion or pay-per-click campaign to help promote your website (or if you are so technically inclined, you could do it yourself as well). You choose the key words you’d like to rank for, set a budget and run your campaign. The main objective of this is to have some traffic through search engines.

With the above knowledge, you should be in a position to understand that Search Engine Marketing is separate from Search Engine Optimization. One of the best examples of SEM at work would be to see the working of Google AdWords, which best symbolizes Contextual Advertising.

At the end of the day, both the techniques increase the visibility and page rankings of your company’s website within the search engines.

Why Your Las Vegas Business Needs a Facebook Fan Page Right Now!

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Facebook has fast become a major social networking website for meeting other business professionals in Las Vegas and it is also quickly becoming an essential marketing tool to help market your Las Vegas business or company. If you don’t already have a personal page, create a facebook page right now. Once you create your facebook profile page, be sure to add a fan page for your business.

Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Fan Page:

  1. It’s 100% Free – in these times, this is an invaluable and no-cost way to market your business products and services.
  2. PR – You can publish articles, links to your blog/s, website or any interesting or helpful articles to your fan page that can help you communicate with people in your network and your fans and help keep your business in their mindshare.
  3. Fan page is public – this means that major search engines such as google, bing, and yahoo! can index the page and your page can come up in their search results.
  4. Personalized URL – upon reaching 100 fans, you can register for your own custom facebook URL (i.e. www.facebook.com/yourcompanyname)
  5. Viral Marketing – when you post content to your fan page, it’s automatically added to the pages of all the fans that follow your fan page.
  6. Applications – you can choose from dozens and dozens of apps that can help interact with your fans including photo galleries, polls, RSS feeds from your blog or presentations.
View my company’s facebook fan page for Perkolate Marketing and Design of Las Vegas to get an idea of what a fan page is all about. For more information, visit How to Create a Facebook Fan Page from tutorialblog.org.

Las Vegas: Viral Marketing Examples to Study

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Viral Marketing Examples – Success Stories

Current: The King of Viral

With the upgrades in internet and computer technology has come the newest fad which is called viral videos. A viral video is a video clip that gains worldwide fame by being sent through files on the internet. Viral Marketing is the same thing. It is using online websites and social sites to promote a product. There are several well known sites that used viral marketing such as YouTube and MySpace. YouTube allows big companies to advertise on their site and put the advertisements on the most watched videos on the site. The king of viral marketing though is the popular channel, Current.

Current is the television channel that is the brainchild of former Vice President Al Gore. It’s big draw is its ‘viewer created content’ format. Viewers make their own videos on any subject, download it just like you would on Youtube, then send it to Current. If it gets selected, the viewer gets paid and the video is broadcast on the station. The big innovator of the channel is its agreements with major advertisers to let the viewers create their ads to be aired exclusively on Current. The advertisements were becoming so popular and advanced that the big corporations were using the ads for worldwide and corporate promotion. There are several major commercials on television that were developed by a Current alum.

With the popularity of sites like Myspace and Facebook, it is so much easier to recieve and send information. The big thing about viral marketing is its exclusiveness. There are alot of companies that have web only discounts and sales. With the sudden popularity of the internet, the percentage of people that have access to a computer is very high. This means that the companies have more of a chance of getting a bigger consumer base which means more sales and more money to be earned.

Viral Marketing is just another new thing is the business world. It is through sites such as Current and Youtube that allow anybody to create a vid and then have a chance that a big company will purchase it. It is stories like this that make viral marketing that much more interesting.

Interested in professional assistance with viral marketing? Contact Perkolate, a local Las Vegas Marketing firm at www.perkolate.com.

Las Vegas Viral Marketing

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Viral marketing and adverising is a non-traditional “word-of-mouth” online and internet marketing tactics and strategies that utilize your social networking to raise awareness for your company or business. It can be a very powerful marketing tool as your website or business information can get passed through social networking onto others, from consumer to consumer.

Here are some articles that explain the concept of viral marketing for your Las Vegas business or company:

Tips for Optimizing Viral Marketing Campaigns
By Brady Brewer, ClickZ

Viral marketing, or “refer-a-friend,” email campaigns have received a lot of attention in the media recently. These campaigns, which encourage recipients of promotional emails to forward the messages to their friends, have garnered both positive and negative reviews from consumers, privacy advocates, and industry pundits. read more.

Viral Marketing Articles, Online Viral Marketing Tactics – www.geocart.com

Everything that we’ve been taught online and off says that we should prevent rather than spread viruses…right? Well, when it comes to creating a buzz about your online business, spreading a virus—or more accurately—leveraging the power of viral marketing, could be just what the doctor ordered. read more.

Viral Marketing Ideas – Out of the Box Viral Marketing Tactics – palmerwebmarketing.com

If I were to rank the effectiveness of each marketing avenue for most businesses I’ve worked with, here’s how they stack up. Word of mouth, Email Marketing, Organic SEO, Paid Search, Display Advertising… read more.

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