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Las Vegas Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in Addition to SEO

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Many Las Vegas business owners are just finding out about Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and how it can benefit their Las Vegas website and while it is a relatively new way of marketing, the principles have been around for a long time.

What is search engine marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Optimization is the biggest buzzword right now especially when you talk of promoting yourc company’s website. But did you know that Search Engine Marketing is another important spoke in the business marketing wheel? The first thing you should know is that Search Engine Marketing, SEM is quite different from Search Engine Optimization or SEO. With this being said, you will find a lot of business people treating SEM the same as SEO.

The first thing that differs between SEO and SEM is the perception of Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Optimization works on the key words and key phrases and content of your website’s pages and how the pages need to be designed keeping Search Engines in mind and how they will rank on a search. Search Engine Marketing on the other hand deals exclusively with how you promote your website with search engines. It could be said that a Search Engine Optimization effort could be a subset of a Search Engine Marketing campaign.

Search Engine Marketing Techniques

Basically, any technique by which the visibility of a website improves with search engines is covered under the umbrella of Search Engine Marketing. Thus, from an aggregate perspective, you could look at techniques like Blogging, Search Engine Submissions, Social Networking, Viral Marketing and other techniques. You could also look at methods like Contextual Advertising and Paid Inclusion being subsets of Search Engine Marketing.

Contextual Advertising

Not many are aware of the complete workings of contextual advertising. Here’s an example to illustrate the concept. Assume you have visited a website A, which is in the Sports niche. When you visit the website, you could see some ads popping up from the site that deals with sports accessories or memorabilia dealers. Basically, you see an ad which is relevant to the context and the content of that particular website. This is how contextual advertising works.

Now, how does the business owner benefit from these ads appearing on their website? Simple, the ad appearing on the webpage would have a revenue basis tied onto it depending on certain actions being performed by the users. For example, a webmaster could get paid if 100 users click on the ad, and so on.

Paid Inclusion and Pay-Per-Click Placement

There are some search engines on the internet that are very popular (google, aol, msn, yahoo), so popular that business owners and webmasters are inclined to invest some money to get into the directory of these resources just so that they have the opportunity to get ranked on the first page as a “sponsored listing” so they can get the traffic and recognition of coming up on the first page of a google search, let’s say. This is where Paid Inclusion or Pay-Per-Click placement comes into play.

A web master or web developer can set up a paid inclusion or pay-per-click campaign to help promote your website (or if you are so technically inclined, you could do it yourself as well). You choose the key words you’d like to rank for, set a budget and run your campaign. The main objective of this is to have some traffic through search engines.

With the above knowledge, you should be in a position to understand that Search Engine Marketing is separate from Search Engine Optimization. One of the best examples of SEM at work would be to see the working of Google AdWords, which best symbolizes Contextual Advertising.

At the end of the day, both the techniques increase the visibility and page rankings of your company’s website within the search engines.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Local Las Vegas SEO Company

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Why should you hire a professional Las Vegas SEO company?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is critical in promoting and marketing your Las Vegas website. Business should reserve a budget to have Search Engine Optimization performed on their website to increase their organic search engine rankings. Despite its importance, many local Las Vegas companies ignore SEO for their website.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional local Las Vegas SEO company (like Perkolate):

  • Do you know what constitutes a good SEO strategy? – To the naked eye, SEO seems simple. All you have to do is to optimize your website, and it’s done. Build some links and you are on your way to getting some traffic to your website. But there is more to it than what meets the eye.

You could attempt to do some research on SEO and do it yourself, but most newcomers to SEO face a daunting task in trying to manage the different activities of a good SEO effort. Hire a professional SEO firm, and you would be able to get all of these done in no time at all and by a professional that can help you get results.

  • Do you know how broad SEO is? – Not long ago, SEO was thought of as an activity where all you did was put some keywords on the webpage, and allow the search engines to index them. Though that remains a basic SEO principle, a lot of other techniques have come up in the past some years, which has completely revolutionized the concept of SEO and how well you rank on an organic search engine result.

Concepts like Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Social Networking and Marketing, Link Building and others have changed the strategy of SEO completely. Most professional SEO firms would know how to implement each of these techniques effectively.

  • Time consuming – Any good SEO professional would tell you that SEO efforts would give results only after a period of time and a lot of time and effort. You should realize this before taking on the task yourself. It is most time and cost effective to leave it to a professional company like Perkolate.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not a difficult set of strategies and tactics, but it needs skilled people to do the job. As a relative newcomer, you would still be able to do justice to basic of aspects of SEO, but mastering the entire gamut of SEO related activities would require you to be skilled to another level.

Cost and time constrains force a lot of business owners to outsource SEO works to professional SEO firms. It must be said here that these business owners have in fact gained a lot by the professional services offered by these firms that focus on Las Vegas SEO services, like Perkolate!

The Importance of Las Vegas Email Marketing

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Email marketing has become a popular mode of advertising today in Las Vegas. With the help of email marketing products can be advertised easily through the use of electronic mail messages. Business owners can promote their products not only by sending emails to existing clients but also to new or potential clients. Email marketing helps to establish relationships and foster customer loyalty by including marketing messages in emails coming from other sources. It is also extremely affordable. Customers need not visit websites to see their message but can view the same in their own personal inbox.

Many people nurture doubts regarding the success of this marketing method because of the numerous scams prevailing online. Also with the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, users wonder whether email marketing will be of any use in the web. Email marketing will have its own place of pride because of the following reasons. With the help of email marketing, business owners can easily sell their products and services without undue wastage of time or money. It permits targeting and can promote straight sales. It is also purely information driven and can be used to foster loyalty, trust and relationships. Sales can be promoted through other indirect ways also. Email lets marketers to greet and personalize every person they target. This can help in creating better bond with the prospects. The opt-in and opt-out options available with email helps to identify potential clients and target only those who are deeply interested in their offerings.

Message approach and content can be further improved through email promotions that can in turn produce loads of definite information. Outgoing messages can also be improved using a variety of tricks and techniques that are developing in the sphere of email marketing. With the help of these advanced processes emails can be modified according to client’s requirements. The best advantage of using email marketing is that it can generate instant sales. It can also produce actions such as registrations, downloads and inquisitions almost instantly. Newsletters and emails can drive people to the nearest stores and events and promote trust, encourage customers to be loyal to specific products and supply to branding.

However, for email marketing to be really successful, marketers must learn to manage it properly. They must know about the basics of email marketing. This would include identifying potential clients who would be interested in their product, creating a nice message and making sure that the message reaches the target audience. They can also make use of web analytics or mail coupon offers to customers which can help them to realize better income.

The success of email marketing depends on proper planning, measuring and testing. With many regulations being enforced lately, there are a lot of dos and don’ts that govern the field of email advertising today.

Email marketing need not be restricted to content only. Business owners and marketers can easily reach out to potential customers by linking their websites to newsletters. E-mail marketing is definitely more cost effective when compared to direct mail. It can help in generating maximum profits from the website visitors.

Business men having a blog or website can make use of email marketing strategy to attract customers to their website. This type of marketing is definitely more successful than direct mail or postal campaign. Executing an email campaign is simple and anyone can undertake it right from home without any extensive resources. E-mail advertising is the best way to achieve long-term success in business.

With some research customers can find reputed email marketing service providers online. There are several reputed email marketing service providers online namely constantcontact.com, icontact.com, Campaigner.com and others.

Why Your Las Vegas Business Needs a Facebook Fan Page Right Now!

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Facebook has fast become a major social networking website for meeting other business professionals in Las Vegas and it is also quickly becoming an essential marketing tool to help market your Las Vegas business or company. If you don’t already have a personal page, create a facebook page right now. Once you create your facebook profile page, be sure to add a fan page for your business.

Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Fan Page:

  1. It’s 100% Free – in these times, this is an invaluable and no-cost way to market your business products and services.
  2. PR – You can publish articles, links to your blog/s, website or any interesting or helpful articles to your fan page that can help you communicate with people in your network and your fans and help keep your business in their mindshare.
  3. Fan page is public – this means that major search engines such as google, bing, and yahoo! can index the page and your page can come up in their search results.
  4. Personalized URL – upon reaching 100 fans, you can register for your own custom facebook URL (i.e. www.facebook.com/yourcompanyname)
  5. Viral Marketing – when you post content to your fan page, it’s automatically added to the pages of all the fans that follow your fan page.
  6. Applications – you can choose from dozens and dozens of apps that can help interact with your fans including photo galleries, polls, RSS feeds from your blog or presentations.
View my company’s facebook fan page for Perkolate Marketing and Design of Las Vegas to get an idea of what a fan page is all about. For more information, visit How to Create a Facebook Fan Page from tutorialblog.org.

Top Social Marketing Websites for Las Vegas Business

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Social marketing and social networking is very important for Las Vegas businesses to participate in, now more than ever. As I always say, if you are not participating, your competition is.

For this reason, I have compiled a list of links to all of the top social networking websites. You should sign up, fill in your profile information as completely as possible, and log in occasionally to participate, find and add friends and share information and gain exposure for you company and its products and services.

Internet Marketing: Increase Your Las Vegas Website Traffic

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Your website can be a valuable sales tool and lead generation tool, especially in a tough economy. I’ve compiled several ways in order for you to increase website traffic to your Las Vegas website.

  • Ensure META tags (title, description, and keywords) are as targeted an accurate as possible. These are tags that are in the back end of the html code.
  • Ensure you are listed on the major search engines – make sure you are listed on the Top 10 Search Engines
  • Make sure your content is up-to-date, accurate and gives a visitor a reason to return – keep a clear call-to-action on the home page.
  • Clearly define the benefit that your products and services present to your potential customer.
  • Focus on your content and make sure you write about one topic per page, don’t cram several topics on the same page.
  • Ensure your website has a links and/or resources page. Helpful links are valuable to visitors and external links to big website increase your search engine ranking as well.
  • Social Networking, sign up for free social networking websites, create a rich profile, add friends and communicate what you are up to… friends and colleagues can be your best advocates.

In addition to the above, check out some great articles and resources on increasing website traffic:

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