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Las Vegas Search Engine Marketing

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You may have heard of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but do you know what it means? Search Engine Marketing is a type of online marketing that helps increase visibility and rankings on major search engines such as google, msn, yahoo, alta vista and others.

Essentially, Search Engine Marketing is a series of strategies and tactics that combines search engine optimization along with paid listings and paid inclusion programs that allow your website to gain visibility on search engines. This increase in visibility online and on the internet, can help your Las Vegas website attract visitors and gain valuable sales leads.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization allows your website to rank when visitors to major search engines such as google, type in a phrase in the search bar and then find a list of results from their directory for that phrase. So, if your Las Vegas website featured your plumbing services and a google search was for “las vegas plumber” your site could come up in the results pages if you had performed search engine optimization services on your website.

For more information on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how you can improve your website’s rankings, see my article on Improving Las Vegas Organic Search Engine Rankings.

Paid Listing, Paid Inclusion

In addition to using Search Engine Optimization to increase your organic search engine results rankings (SERPs), you should implement a paid inclusion or paid listings program through a major search engine such as google. 

With this strategy, you can choose the exact words and phrases you would like your website to appear for during a search, then when that search is performed, your website comes up as a “Featured Listing” or “Sponsored Listing.” You set your own budget. For more information, visit my article “How Can I Utilize Google AdWords to Increase Traffic to my Website?”

Professional SEM & SEO

For professional Las Vegas SEM and SEO services, visit the following:

Improve Las Vegas Organic Search Engine Rankings

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Okay, so your Las Vegas company or business has a website, that’s a great first start. In addition to a professional website design with good content, your website needs to rank or appear in search engine results like google.

Natural organic search engine rankings for your website bring your website listing to the first few pages of a google search. Organic rankings are the ranking google pulls when you do a search. They are not the paid or sponsored listings or links.

Here’s a visual to help (it’s my company Perkolate coming up #1 on a search for “las vegas marketing company”):

So, how can you improve the organic ranking for your website?

  • Have a well written website with a decent amount of content, a couple of hundred words on each page if possible.
  • Optimize all META tags on your web pages (title tag, keyword tag and description tag)
  • Link to other websites, could be partners of your business, helpful links, articles, community links, etc.
  • Have links going between your website pages that are rich in keywords and key phrases.
  • Purchase your domain name for several years (tells search engines you’ll be around for awhile!)
  • Have a professional SEO company in Las Vegas perform Search Engine Optimization services on your website.
  • Consider adding a blog to your website (another great way to get more links and traffic to your website).
  • Add your website to the google directory (and all other top 10 search engines)
  • Keep your website up to date – search engines like fresh content.
These are some general tactics, but search engine optimization is certainly an art of its own and if you’re considering professional help with you SEO efforts, consider my company, www.perkolate.com.

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