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Internet Coupon Marketing Tactics

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Coupons can act as advertisements for your business, but advertisements that lead customers straight to your products–and which make them pretty inexpensive. Nearly 90% of consumers claim to use coupons, and during the past several years since the onset of the recent financial crisis (as well as rising cost of fuel), online coupons alone rose almost 40% in popularity. E-coupons are a brilliant way to stay ahead of the curve of internet commerce, but if you think coupons may be the next marketing move for your company, there are plenty of ways to make your already innovative coupons more effective.

E is for Email, E is for Effective.

A great way to gain followers of your business and regular customers is through opt-in email mailing lists. People will get news about your company, your products–and they won’t forget if they are hearing from you once a week or so. What does this have to do with coupons, you ask? If you make it so your coupons are only available in the newsletter, you can keep customers’ attention to your business: customers who really need your coupons will also be updated about your new location, the midsummer sale and your business’s philanthropy and community services. They can forward your coupon to friends, even also print out emailed coupons to bring into your store. If you are going to require coupon recipients to sign up for your newsletter, though, you should try to always offer at least one coupon (even a small one) in every issue.

How Much Off?

Make it clear to your customers that the coupon is worth taking the extra time to use by showing them just how significant their savings will be. A good way to do this is, for less expensive items (under, say $25) do not give a percentage off, give a dollar amount: say “$5.00 off!”, not “20% off”. For more expensive items with considerable savings, percentages are fine.

Don’t forget that you can also use coupons for “buy one get one”, rebate and other types of great deals.

Team Up.

This is especially easy if you have total control of your web store’s design and transactions. You can use coupons to cross market with other businesses willing to partner with you in a joint marketing campaign. Find a business that offers a complement product to the one you are promoting with coupons. Give access to the online coupon for their product on the page where you sell yours, and have them do the same.

Another way to use third parties as a great coupon marketing tool is to get your company onto “coupon-clipping websites”, where businesses post coupons for customers to print off; some popular coupon sites are Groupon.com, where businesses post coupons and deals on Facebook, Twitter and other microblog newsfeeds for customers to clip for themselves, repost and forward to friends; CouponClippingMom.com, a blog style site where coupons for various businesses are shared as individual posts (best for chain, not local businesses); and CouponCabin.com, which offers online and printable coupons (separately from each other) for businesses ranging from the local to national scale. You can link to them on your own website, blog, or online store, and customers across town or beyond the sea will be able to find them.

Looks Matter.

You want your coupons to be as eye-grabbing and attractive as they can be. Make them stand out but remember that visual, non-verbal assets of graphic design can say just as much as the words you lay over them. The coupon’s overall design should be clean, not cramped with too much or vacant with not enough information. Noticeable colors are great as long as they are not an eyesore, and large, bold fonts work best, though the most pronounced words should be the ones that will first grab attention. Some of the most effectively designed coupons feature a cleanly drawn, realistic illustration or a photograph of the product being offered.

Las Vegas Viral Marketing

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Viral marketing and adverising is a non-traditional “word-of-mouth” online and internet marketing tactics and strategies that utilize your social networking to raise awareness for your company or business. It can be a very powerful marketing tool as your website or business information can get passed through social networking onto others, from consumer to consumer.

Here are some articles that explain the concept of viral marketing for your Las Vegas business or company:

Tips for Optimizing Viral Marketing Campaigns
By Brady Brewer, ClickZ

Viral marketing, or “refer-a-friend,” email campaigns have received a lot of attention in the media recently. These campaigns, which encourage recipients of promotional emails to forward the messages to their friends, have garnered both positive and negative reviews from consumers, privacy advocates, and industry pundits. read more.

Viral Marketing Articles, Online Viral Marketing Tactics – www.geocart.com

Everything that we’ve been taught online and off says that we should prevent rather than spread viruses…right? Well, when it comes to creating a buzz about your online business, spreading a virus—or more accurately—leveraging the power of viral marketing, could be just what the doctor ordered. read more.

Viral Marketing Ideas – Out of the Box Viral Marketing Tactics – palmerwebmarketing.com

If I were to rank the effectiveness of each marketing avenue for most businesses I’ve worked with, here’s how they stack up. Word of mouth, Email Marketing, Organic SEO, Paid Search, Display Advertising… read more.

Free Creative Business Resources

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If you’re looking for free creative business resources for Las Vegas or beyond, we have a great collection for you right here on the MarketinginLasVegas.com website.  Take a browse my website and blog to find information on:

Do you have any topics you’d like me to write about? Feel free to leave a comment on the website and let me know or email me at michael@marketinglasvegas.com.

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Your Las Vegas Business

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You may have heard of the term “guerilla marketing” and wondered, what in the world is that? Guerilla marketing is a strategy of marketing your Las Vegas company or business with little to no budget, but a fair amount of your own time. It is a way of marketing and advertising that is unconventional, sometimes controversial, and buzz-worthy and involves such unconventional advertising tactics as:

  • Publicity Stunts – sometimes newsworthy that might get you place on the evening news
  • Business Card Assaults – visit your local libraries and bookstores and place your business cards in every book that relates to your business
  • Bumper Stickers – you already know how many people see the back of your bumper in a normal work week
  • T-Shirts – giving away free t-shirts with your company’s logo and marketing messaging and web address can lead to awareness and word of mouth advertising
  • Open Houses – Invite your clients to an open house at your office, have them bring friends for the fun, great opportunity to introduce yourself and your business products and services
  • YouTube videos – create an informative, outrageous or noteworthy video pertaining to your business and post it on YouTube, you never know, it might just become an internet classic
  • Business Partnerships – finding other businesses that offer related services to your services and feeding each other business is a great way to help market your business
  • Write Articles – for newspapers, magazines, or blogs
  • Customer Giveaways and Recognition – give away prizes to clients and honor them with a Customer of The Quarter award
For more information on Guerilla Marketing, read the following articles online:
I am certainly not condoning anything above that might be illegal, I’m merely pointing out strategies and tactics that are widely known to guerrilla marketing experts.  :)

Free Online Marketing Consultants & Resources in Las Vegas

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Everybody wants free advice and that’s why I started the MarketinginLasVegas website and blog, to give you free advice, resources, tips and tricks on marketing your Las Vegas business or Las Vegas company.  While you may not find a truly free online marketing consultant to work with (wouldn’t that be great?) there are so many marketing consultants who have written articles online and free websites with marketing advice and resources all available at your fingertips if you search on google.

Here are some great free resources for marketing and online marketing resources, strategies and tactics:

If you’re seeking professional advice, visit my company’s website for professional solutions for:

Free Marketing Ideas & Tools to Promote Your Business

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Sometimes business owners and marketing professionals get so caught up in launching websites, developing marketing collateral, running ads, creating direct mail campaigns, and managing the various expenses of a business that we can forget that there are common sense and fool proof methods to marketing your company that are completely free.

With a looming recession, rocky stock market and budget cut backs, there are always completely free marketing tactics we can take to promote our business, so I thought I’d list them out to remind everybody, especially with turbulent economy:

  • Hand out your business cards. Keep them not only in your office, but your home, your car, in your purse, in your wallet. Such a simple tactic that we sometimes forget.
  • Always keep brochures handy.  You never know where and when you will run into someone interested in your products or services, again, keep your brochures everywhere you are.
  • Talk to people you meet everyday.  Not a hard-sell sorta person here myself, however, hard-sell or not, talking to people and simply asking them what they do for a living, where they live, etc. can open the door for other people to ask the same questions about you.
  • Network at parties. You have friends (I hope), you go to parties, dinners with friends (I hope) and this is an excellent opportunity to remind your good friends what you do.  I always make a casual mention that if they know of anyone who is in need of a marketing consultant, a website or graphic design services, that my company handles all of that and more (see www.perkolate.com)
  • Volunteer for pro bono work within your community (my hood is Summerlin/Las Vegas).  It’s always nice to give back to the community and help a worthy cause by donating some of your time to a charitable cause once in awhile.  Makes you feel good (it does me) and you can meet some great people in your community that will keep your company’s products and services in mind down the line.
  • Utilize social networking websites.  Websites like linkedin.com, facebook.com and myspace.com are powerful networking and community building websites.  You can find friends, add them to your contacts and remind them of what your company does.  You can also add photos, blog feeds and links to your company’s website.
Good to know that even there are ways to marketing your company without spending a dime!

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