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Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Your Las Vegas Business

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You may have heard of the term “guerilla marketing” and wondered, what in the world is that? Guerilla marketing is a strategy of marketing your Las Vegas company or business with little to no budget, but a fair amount of your own time. It is a way of marketing and advertising that is unconventional, sometimes controversial, and buzz-worthy and involves such unconventional advertising tactics as:

  • Publicity Stunts – sometimes newsworthy that might get you place on the evening news
  • Business Card Assaults – visit your local libraries and bookstores and place your business cards in every book that relates to your business
  • Bumper Stickers – you already know how many people see the back of your bumper in a normal work week
  • T-Shirts – giving away free t-shirts with your company’s logo and marketing messaging and web address can lead to awareness and word of mouth advertising
  • Open Houses – Invite your clients to an open house at your office, have them bring friends for the fun, great opportunity to introduce yourself and your business products and services
  • YouTube videos – create an informative, outrageous or noteworthy video pertaining to your business and post it on YouTube, you never know, it might just become an internet classic
  • Business Partnerships – finding other businesses that offer related services to your services and feeding each other business is a great way to help market your business
  • Write Articles – for newspapers, magazines, or blogs
  • Customer Giveaways and Recognition – give away prizes to clients and honor them with a Customer of The Quarter award
For more information on Guerilla Marketing, read the following articles online:
I am certainly not condoning anything above that might be illegal, I’m merely pointing out strategies and tactics that are widely known to guerrilla marketing experts.  :)

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